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How To Install Aerogel Insulation Blanket

Pubdate: 2018-04-18 18:09:33
From: Joda Insulation Material Aerogel

Aerogel blanket: silica aerogel insulation blanket, also known as "blue smoke" and "solid smoke", is the lightest solid material known to date and has so far good thermal insulation properties. It has nano porous structure (1~100nm), low density (3~250kg/m3), low dielectric constant (1.1~2.5), low thermal conductivity (0.013~0.025W/ (m.k)). High porosity (80~99.8%) and high specific surface area (500~1000m2/g).

The project is heat preservation in the vaporization furnace, and the construction is built on the inside wall of the container according to the construction plan and requirements provided by the construction unit. The project includes 3 sub items: vaporization furnace -1#, vaporization furnace -2# and vaporization furnace -3#. The diameter of the combustion chamber is nearly 3 meters, the front end spherical head, the middle cylinder surface, the rear end conical inclined plane, and the inner surface has a large number of takeover. The construction is difficult and there is no precedent for reference.

The matters needing attention before you:

1., the construction of equipment pressure intensity test, tightness test and anticorrosion engineering can be carried out in adiabatic construction.

2. welding and post welding heat treatment must be carried out before corrosion, lining and test pressure when welding the fixings of insulation layer on the industrial equipment and pipeline with anticorrosion and lining.

3., ensure that all surfaces and surfaces of pipes and equipments need to be insulated and cleaned.

4. the quality of the aerogel insulation blanket and its products should be checked before the construction of the aerogel insulation engineering to ensure that the aerogel insulation blanket and its products themselves are clean, dry and adiabatic.

5., insulation works should be equipped with perfect labor protection supplies.

6., temporary water supply, power supply and other facilities should be set up in the construction site. The roads should be smooth, and there should be a suitable processing site. The construction machinery should match reasonably.


1., the construction personnel shall wear gas masks, dustcaps and gloves (such as conditional wearable uniforms) and wear eye patch.

2. when construction is finished or at the end of the period, tools and fields should be cleaned up.

3., we should ensure good ventilation in the tank, prevent the anoxia in the tank and cause the suffocation of the construction personnel. There should not be any objects or facilities that affect safety in the tank, and there are qualified lighting measures.

4., there will be a lot of tiny dust in the process of construction, and the particle size of these dusts is much larger than 15 microns. In order to ensure the safety of construction and prevent inhalation from harm to health, it is not related to people not to approach.

The construction adopts double aerogel blanket insulation laying. Tight joints, smooth surface, no bubbles, the same layer of cracks, internal and external laminates to ensure the insulation effect.

Work site Division

1., adiabatic construction can be carried out efficiently. We propose to set up a cutting area independently. The aerogel insulation blankets should be cut into the size needed for construction in the cutting area, and the size after cutting should be convenient for construction.

2. the following points should be paid attention to in the setting of the cutting area:

There should be some protective facilities in the cutting area to prevent material damage. The cutting area should be set up with a long and wide cutting table or cutting board, and a scaffold for placing materials will be prepared.

3., when cutting, apply a tube of suitable strength through the whole roll aerogel insulation blanket and put it on the support. Then the insulation material is laid on the cutting table in front of the support, and according to the size of the construction request, the tool is selected for tailoring.

4. cut good material recommend the use of plastic cloth or cover, is transported to the construction area.

How To Install Aerogel Insulation Blanket

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