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Application Of Aerogel In Construction Industry

Pubdate: 2018-04-27 11:41:40
From: Joda Insulation Material Aerogel

Aerogel is a new solid material with ultra-low density. With nano porous structure and strong thermal insulation performance, it is a new insulation material with wide application prospects and is widely used in the construction industry.

Aerogels and their composites have different applications in different building fields, and they can play an effective energy-saving effect. Aerogel composites include aerogel blanket, aerogel thermal insulation mortar, aerogel sunlight board, aerogel thermal insulation coating, etc.

1. The application of aerogel insulation blanket to the building curtain wall.

The fire resistance of the aerogel insulation blanket is a grade A, with very low thermal conductivity (less than 0.018w/mk), and the inorganic nano insulation material with completely hydrophobic can be applied to the external wall insulation or the position which needs good heat preservation but limited space.

The curtain wall structure is composed of a panel and a rear support frame. The panel structure is composed of glass, heat insulation material, ceramic plate and so on. Its inner space is very small, the thickness of thermal insulation material is high, and good insulation effect is needed, and aerogel insulation material is the best choice of insulation material.

2. The application of aerogel insulation blanket to the structure of the building membrane:

Membrane structure changes the traditional building materials and uses membrane materials, and its weight is only 1/30 of the traditional building materials. And the membrane structure can fundamentally overcome the difficulties encountered by traditional structures in long-span (unsupported) buildings, and create huge and unsheltered visual spaces. Its modeling is free and light, flame retardant, easy to manufacture, quick installation, energy saving, safe use and so on, so it is widely used in all parts of the world.

Aerogel insulation blanket has excellent flexibility, low thermal conductivity and good transmittance. It can be applied to building membrane structure perfectly.

3. The application of aerogel sun board in the construction industry:

The aerogel sun plate is composed of the aerogel new material and the sun plate strong strength. It can gather light, heat insulation and sound insulation. It can shield the sun from the rain. It can also be insulated and transparent, sound insulation and noise reduction, and can be used in the construction industry, industry, agriculture, transportation and so on. The characteristics are as follows:

* translucent astigmatism

* heat insulation and insulation

* sound absorption and noise reduction

* anti ultraviolet

* durable and durable

* fire retardant and flame retardancy

4. Application of aerogel thermal insulation coatings in construction industry:

Aerogel thermal insulation coatings are mainly used in building exterior, which can replace the traditional thermal insulation coating products. Aerogel insulation coatings have very low thermal conductivity, and the advantages of thermal insulation are obvious. With the continuous development of aerogel coatings, it will be more and more widely used in the building industry.

5. Application of aerogel thermal insulation mortar in building external wall and interior wall:

The aerogel inorganic thermal insulation mortar has good thermal insulation characteristics, low thermal conductivity, and the fire protection grade reaches a grade. It can be widely used in exterior wall and inner wall insulation. Especially in the old house renovation, museum, art museum maintenance, etc., it has extremely obvious advantages of heat preservation and insulation.

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